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Whether you suffer from hair deficiencies at the hairline or your entire scalp,
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A Face-to-Face
Professional Consultation
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Successful Hair Enhancement

• We will discuss your needs, based on your type of hair loss and lifestyle.

• We will educate you as to your options with considerations to the answers you provide.

• We will customize a plan that is specific to only you!

• This is one area you have a choice and a voice.


"I have suffered from alopecia for many years….It’s a hard thing to go through for both men & women, but as a woman, I was very devastated. I realized I had to do something…After trying doctor after doctor, I decided to try to find a hairpiece.

In all my years of trying so many different places, I have never come across anyone that understood the effects that hair loss can cause to you. The time and caring that Kyle offers to me is something that I never thought existed. Her talent as a hairdresser is just amazing. To anyone out there who is in the same position that I was, I could promise you that coming to Kyle at the Hair Care Centre will be the best decision for hair loss solutions you can ever make." – Client 1

"Just wanting to take a moment to say how satisfied I am with my two new hairpieces you cut-in for me. Before I found you I have been wearing hairpieces for over 40 years and always ordered 2 at a time. This is the first time I don’t have one that I favor over the other because they are both identical-Amazing.

The reason is due to your strict attention to detail and the time you spend with your perfectionist talent. I continue to tell others if you want to look your best- search no more- just use Kyle for perfect hair care.

Again, thank you Kyle for taking your time each visit to help me look my best."– Client 2

"As a hair piece wearer for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Kyle Marie at the Hair Care Centre in North Port has far exceeded my expectations.

If you are dealing with hair loss, Kyle Marie is the person to see."– Client 3

(For the privacy of our clients we withhold all names and personal information in our testimonials)