Six Questions About Our Solution

What are the advantages of this procedure?

Primarily, with Non-Surgical methods, you will see the results instantly. It is also more affordable than many of the surgical procedures available today. Finally, with Non-Surgical procedures, you avoid the discomfort both physically and emotionally associated with more invasive techniques.

What are the potential complications or risks?

To date, there are virtually no complications or side effects (other than renewed self-esteem and confidence!) from wearing these hair attachments.

Who would perform a Non-Surgical hair replacement?

After the initial consultation to determine the best solution for you, the trained, licensed Cosmetologist will attach and cut in your hair system.

How long will my hair system last?

The longevity of a hair system depends on the attachment method. A system that is removed daily will last longer than a system that is bonded with medical adhesives, because sleeping in your hair will create friction. Also, the construction of the systems base is a determining factor. A thin skin or lace base is less durable than a thick polyurethane base.

How will my attached hair system affect my daily activities?

Bonding with medical adhesive allows for a more active lifestyle including biking, boating and swimming. The clip in method should hold up to breezes if attached correctly, but is not reliable for water activities.

What do I do to maintain my hair system?

If attaching with clips, you’ll remove your system for cleaning, and perhaps styling. The clip in method still requires regular haircuts to maintain the blend between growing hair and the system. When bonding you will wash and style your system as though it were growing hair. For those who bond, returning to the salon every four weeks is required to remove, clean the system and scalp, trim growing hair then reattaching. All human hair systems can be colored by your stylist, if fading occurs.

Any Color, Any Style, Beautiful Results

No matter which solution you choose always remember to keep your head up, smile, and walk with confidence. These procedures mean nothing without your self confidence and inner beauty! Also keep in mind, you are not alone in this endeavor. We're with you every step of the way.

female before after

See the dramatic results that can be achieved with a hair system.

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Change your look and lifestyle with a natural hair enhancement.

Experience the

Meet Our Hairtologist - Kyle Marie

Kyle has been a licensed cosmetologist and aesthetician since October of 1982. She has also had the opportunity to research, design and create hair and make-up for over thirty live stage productions.

She is certified by the International Hair Academy in Men’s Hair Replacement, Women’s Hair Replacement, and Medical Hair Loss.

Kyle has completed additional education specializing in Innovative Standards. She is certified in Hair Replacement Techniques and Design, for both men and women.

Options for Men, Women, and Children

Options for Women

Hair loss is difficult no matter your gender, but when women experience alopecia and it “mimics male pattern baldness,” it’s devastating. Many of our female clients tell us they have been diagnosed with an “immune deficiency” with no cure.

Women may think their only option is a wig. Though wigs have improved over the years, with lighter bases and synthetic hair that feels human, a wig is not your only choice.

Human hair systems are now available for woman in many colors. These systems can be sized to fill just the areas void of hair, and then “bonded” with medical grade adhesives.

Options for Men

Just because hair loss is socially acceptable for men, it doesn’t mean you have to accept it. If you’ve tried of all the vitamins, pills and topical products for hair regrowth, without desirable results, then maybe you’re ready for an instant solution.

The hair systems available today are not like the toupee your Grandpa used to wear.

We now have lightweight units with breathable bases and human hair that is easily matched to blend with your own hair.

Options for Children

Yes, unfortunately children experience hair loss, as if there are not enough obstacles to dodge as a young person. If you are the parent of a young child with alopecia, or you are the young person searching for options, we urge you to contact The Haircare Centre for a private consultation. You may have some of the same options as men and women.


Men, woman and children alike may experience a fully customized Cyberhair solution. Cyberhair is a high-end-man-made fiber, which is more durable and lighter weight than human hair. It’s the one solution we offer that allows you to choose your color, texture, wave pattern, and density!
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